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Trump Vetoes Bill Ending Support for Saudi Coalition in Yemen
by Countable
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  • Matthew
    Voted No

    So.....OK.....first off. I am an American living and working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I grew up in Omaha Nebraska. I love America. I however see first hand what American soldiers are doing in the middle east and support their efforts. Now when I say middle east, I have met United States military in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, as well as Dubai. Our presence here in the middle east is helping to keep major peace among many of the countries here. It is also helping to develop these countries even further and make living conditions better for all. Now, as for what is going on with the southern border of Saudi Arabia is there are people in Yemen that want war. If the troops are pulled away from that area they will recruit more nasty people to their side to start more war. Losing ground on what we have worked so hard to combat in the first place. Believe me, but pulling our troops support will actually cause way further death and destruction of the "good" Yemeni population. I am not trying to sway anyone's opinions. I am just saying I get to see what's going on first hand!

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