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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • Melissa

    As someone who worked in the financial sector for a decade, I assure you, we NEED these regulations in place to prevent Wall Street having free reign, to prevent another housing bubble burst like the one perpetrated by Freddie Mac, and to prevent a financial meltdown like we experienced between 2008-2010. I implore you to vote AGAINST this order. It is up to us, those who elected you, to compel you, OUR representatives, to protect us, as it is your duty to do, and is obviously not a priority to our POTUS. Repealing or even stripping Dodd-Frank will NOT benefit us, only major corporations, and facilitate the rich getting richer, again. Meanwhile, the common folks financial security goes to Hell in a hand basket. You know this to be true & you know the right thing to do. Vote no. After all, if OUR representatives don't represent US well, they will NOT be our representatives after this term.

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