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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • ShePersisted

    Please do not gut the Dodd-Frank law. Byrolling back the Dodd-Frank law, the Trump Administration hobbles the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which Congress created to protect the interests of ordinary Americans and investors. Common-sense protection, like the "fiduciary rule", which requires investment advisors and financial planners to act in consumers best interests. WHY would anyone want to get rid of this legislation? Well, lets say you had worked for Goldman Sachs, but missed out on becoming a billionaire because of stupid laws against things like Ponzi schemes and insider trading. Now that you're part of the Trump Administration you can finally do something about those stupid laws. The cool part is that once you get done ravaging regulatory protections for the common man, and just before Trump is impeached, you can go back to Wall Street and pick up those billions of dollars that are quietly waiting for you to pilfer. Make America Great by stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. Go Trump Go! Roll back those laws! Take my money and run, you cowardly scumbag. When the common man loses confidence in financial institutions he will return to stuffing money under mattresses, thereby depriving banks and markets of capital. Deregulation of financial markets is a recipe for disaster.


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