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Do You Support Lawsuits Against Trump’s Border Wall Funding Order?
by Countable
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  • Louis
    Voted Yes

    Where to start.. - The majority of Americans don’t want the wall, *especially* those in border states and communities. - It’d be the single most expensive infrastructure project in US history. That money would yield a huge return if invested in different infrastructure projects like roadways, high speed rail, or green energy initiatives. - We’d be paying to maintain the wall, forever. The wall will need repairs and an actual human presence to patrol, constantly. - Its going to be virtually impossible to build, crossing through rough terrain, mountains, and waterways. - It would require the federal government seizing private property. - Oh, and it won’t stop illegal immigration or drugs from crossing the border!! The wall at best would slow someone crossing illegally. To stop them you’d then need to send someone to where they’re trying to cross the wall. And in most cases the wall would be built in the middle of nowhere, hours from the nearest border agent. Does anyone really need any more reasons not to build a wall? It’s a fun chant at rallies, I guess. But c’mon, just put a tiny bit of thought into this.

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