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Trump to Give Mexico ‘One-Year Warning’ on Drugs Before Closing Border – Do You Support Closing the Border?
by Countable
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  • Angela
    Voted Oppose

    Closing the border is just as much of a stunt as closing the government. It will not make anyone more secure and the effects on the asylum seekers, the auto industry and the rest of our manufacturing centers will be severe. It was estimated that closing the government reduced the GNP by a few billion dollars. No one knows how much financial hardship closing the border will cost. President Feckless' claim to care more about security than trade is a lie. He proved that when he gave MsB a pass for murdering a US resident and WAPO columnist because the Saudis promised to buy more arms. You can't have it both ways, either security matters more than trade or it doesn't and for this administration it doesn't.


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