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Do You Support a Rollback of Healthy School Lunch Rules?
by Countable
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  • Deborah
    Voted No

    Our Congress has been so focused on the bigger, better, deal that they allowed items like high fructose corn syrup to take over. Simply because it's cheaper. CocaCola uses high fructose corn syrup in their beverages in the US, but uses real sugar in those same beverages in the UK. Our country has trained our People to eat bad with the products/imports we allow; the price difference between healthy fresh and harmful processed food; the lack of education; soft or lack of regulations, and our horrible product labeling. Look at how horrible our grocery stores are. Our grocery stores are just aisles and aisles of processed foods. We only have the outside perimeter of the store to shop fresh. We are provided a very limited selection. It is unreasonable to just expect the kids to reverse all that you've trained. Keep the healthy lunches, and start educating them. Taking away the healthy lunches does not help them.

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