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Georgia Governor Signs Ban on Abortions Once a Heartbeat is Detected - Do You Support the Policy?
by Countable
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  • Deborah
    Voted Oppose

    Stop trying to govern the female body. All these bills to impact abortion procedures are only Band-Aids. Fix the root cause. Instead of making it harder for females to abort due to rape, incest or molestation, make it harder for perpatraitors to rape, and molest. Make those laws tougher. Do a better job at educating the People on all topics like safe sex, birth control, pregnancy, abortion, sexual assault/harassment, etc. I only remember taking 1 class at 1 time in high school. That was it. Yet we have a high rate of elementary and middle schoolers with herpes from oral sex. We don't educate enough. Make birth control free for both male and female. Females have to find an OBGYN, go to their office, pay a copay, pay a coinsurance, pay a deductible, etc. Females can get the pill through the county, but the pill doesn't prevent the egg from becoming fertilized. It only prevents the egg from implanting in the uterus. This is not nearly as effective as other birth control methods like depoprovera which suppresses eggs all together, so they cannot be fertilized. Make it easier and cheaper for females to receive OBGYN services. The only other option is through planned Parenthood which provides birth control at a cheaper rate, as well as OBGYN services. But people think they only do abortions so females going to pick up birth control are harrassed and receive hate from protestors on the property. In addition, Congress is constantly trying to abolish or defund planned Parenthood. You don't want females to get abortions, but you also don't want to provide better, cheaper healthcare; easier, low/no cost access to birth control; easier, low/no cost access to OBGYN services; or support Planned Parenthood. When will Congress stop suppressing females and their rights and start fighting for them?

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