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Do You Support Work Requirements for Food Stamps? – Deadline for Public Comment Is Today
by Countable
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  • Deborah
    Voted Oppose

    If you look at the current statistics on welfare, which includes SNAP, over 75% of families receiving benefits have at least one member of the household that works. Almost 90% work in the year before and after receiving SNAP. The statistics also show that most participants use these programs temporarily. Welfare program participation is higher for those currently receiving minimum wages. This is yet again, a completely fabricated crisis made up by Trump. The welfare program is proven to work. Try fixing the root cause......the huge gap between social classes, the extremely low and motionless minimum wage, our egregious healthcare and prescription drug costs, our rising food costs, and the ballooning housing industry. These key factors are out of control right now. *Sources for welfare data:. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Center on Budget and Policy Priority, US Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dept. Of Health and Human Services.

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