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Trump to Give Mexico ‘One-Year Warning’ on Drugs Before Closing Border – Do You Support Closing the Border?
by Countable
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  • Therese
    Voted Oppose

    There is a crisis no doubt, but closing the border will create all sorts of problems that have nothing to do with immigration. Please stop skirting the immigration issue as you have through too many presidents. Make a policy and stick to it, but approve DACA for God's sake. Then start making and enforcing laws that respond to our genuine need for foreign labor, and prosecute employers who cheat that system. People have been coming here all these years for jobs provided by business owners here. Please tell the President, also, that discontinuing aide to these countries from which these people are coming will bite us on the backside as Russia steps in to fill the void as it is doing in Venezuela. Finally, please stop enabling this President. These are complex issues for which he spouts simplistic and divisive answers. Divided we fall, and Russia knows that.


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