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We Asked 'Were You Relieved or Disappointed With the Mueller Findings?' Here's How You Responded
by Countable
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  • James
    Voted Apathetic

    The Kinky Kleptocratic Klown (KKK) in the oval office had the AG he appointed "summarize the summary" of a 300 page document. Seems legit (it isn't). There is undoubtedly a lot of evidence showing Trump is dirtier than a pit latrine. Am I going to be happy to see the office of the president so thoroughly discredited? Of course not. But this Krazy Korrupt Krackpot (KKK) needs to be extricated from this position of power ASAP. Then we all need to think long and hard about the flaws in our system (like the Senate leader essentially executing a denial of service attack on our Democracy by not allowing a vote on bills that would pass because he doesn't want them--that alone is freaking batshit crazy).

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