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Trump to Give Mexico ‘One-Year Warning’ on Drugs Before Closing Border – Do You Support Closing the Border?
by Countable
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  • Jose
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    1. President Donald Trump should send a letter to all the presidents in Central and South America to stop this annual show/crisis. Military personnel should be sent to the area where the Caravan is located and force them to go back to their countries or they will be arrested. 2. A final and clear message should be sent to the Caravan and the Presidents of Central and South America. If you do not stop the CARAVAN in your own country, we will with military force including death. 3. No asylum will be granted to any Caravan member if they enter the US territory using any form of persuasive intimidation or coercion. If you try to run away and inside American territory, violators will be shot at the Border and no President from South nor Central Americal will be able to sue the US for damage. No work permit will be granted, no temporary visas to work, no welfare and no more court hearings at the cost of American taxpayers. 4. The US will be deploying military personnel in the affected area ready and capable to engage in any type of group fight in order to intimidate or run away from the arrest. 5. A curfew should be implemented in the area as soon as military scout helicopters detect Caravan members trying to enter US territory Illegally. 6. All countries in Central and South America should employ their own citizens so they all contribute to a FAIR taxation process in order to create better schools, public transportation, housing, and welfare program for all poor people, not at the expense of American taxpayers. 7. You, Latinos prefer Socialism like Venezuela and Nicaragua, then you should stick to your plan to make your country stronger. Request an Economic Plan from the Soviet Union. Do not come to the US to demand ASYLUM in order to escape from your oppressive DICTATORS-PRESIDENTES. PATRIA O MUERTE VENCEREMOS.


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