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Bipartisan Bill Seeking McCabe’s FBI Records Related to Investigating Trump for Obstruction & Invoking the 25th Amendment Advances
by Countable
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  • Laura
    Voted Yes

    Forget about impeachment folks no matter what the full mueller report states the cowardly republicans in the senate won’t vote him out!! There are only two ways if he is indicted in the state courts which by law he can be (no law on the books that says any sitting president can’t be charge for crimes), and you the people need to VOTE HIM OUT! We need a reasonable person who is more interested in the American people needs and interest and not his or her ego! I would be saying this if it was a democrat doing what tRump has been doing. He now wants to enact revenge on those people who found that his allies in Russia wanted him to be president which he hasn’t really acknowledged. This is the actions of dictators, and not that of a president. Yes folks if you think Russia wasn’t involved and wanted to defeat Clinton I guess you believe 19 international intelligence agencies are just out to hurt him! Also please look at how much damage he has done. His tax scam hasn’t created jobs or better wages, his policies have caused inflation to go up wiping out any gains if any in wages, the tax scam has increased deficit to 1 TRILLION PER YEAR, the national debt is going up faster than any other president in our current history, his tariffs have increased prices, increased our trade deficit, the farmers and ranchers bankruptcies are a record high, farmers and ranchers can’t find markets for their products along with the lack of workers, and finally his environmental policies has increased water, air, and delays the protections of climate change which is costing America trillions in damage and many lives. Have a great day America!

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