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Mueller Report Summary: No Trump-Russia Conspiracy, Not Sufficient Evidence to Prosecute Obstruction of Justice
by Countable
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  • Laura
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    Yeah, so Manafort giving Kilimnik polling data is not coordinating efforts with Russia? Trump's campaign team meeting and COLLUDING with the Russians in Trump Tower? Trump asking Russia to get Hillary's emails in plain sight? A bunch of other conspiracy related items made available in court documents? So first let's ignore Barr, assume he's compromised, that is why he was hired after all. Next, assume Mueller followed some long standing "guide" for "normal times" that you don't indict a sitting President (which is NOT a law). Maybe he farmed out some things as well. Wait and get the whole entire report without it being altered by anyone, if we are ever able too. Trump committed crimes. We know he did. He's Individual-1 for the crimes which he and Cohen committed and for which Cohen is going to prison for. Maybe this is bullshit semantics. Maybe this is more corruption. I don't know. But it doesn't seem to comport with a proven reality that exists in video, audio, twitter, court documents, and general facts.

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