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Poll: Most Americans Want Congress to Override Trump’s Veto on Ending Border-Wall Order – Do You?
by Countable
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  • Dianamy
    Voted No

    I strongly oppose to override to President Trump’s veto. He is trying to protect our country from illegal entry into this country which has seen its worst month of captured illegal immigrants in decades last month in February. 77,000 people. The doesn’t count the ones that slipped into the country unnoticed. These are human traffickers, illegal immigrants, drug dealers, gangsters and other criminals who breach our southern borders with the consent of Congress. President Trump is trying to protect us and follow through on legislation passed years ago that Congress has followed through on. PLEASE HELP US. It’s up to you to protect the citizens over criminals. We deserve your protection. It’s your job to protect us. Please do not override a vote to protect citizens of the United States.


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