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Your Turn: Should States Tighten Up Voter-Driven Ballot Initiative Requirements?
by Countable
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  • Dianamy
    Voted Yes

    The ballot initiatives are vulnerable to monied interests who hire lawyers and teams of writers to write misleading initiatives and proposition. The wording is so misleading that the voters (who are so disadvantaged that they cannot get voter ID’s) are manipulated into voting a certain way. In California, for example, voters were manipulated into voting that private EMTs should not be paid a penalty for a missed lunch when other workers in the state are entitled to one by law. How does that make any sense? When asked, good people said they didn’t understand the wording in the information booklet. American Medical Response (AMR) now does not have to pay the missed lunch penalty and has gotten out of a lawsuit regarding such. This is only one example. We must be more careful or the rich and powerful will own the initiative process. We need to make it more restrictive. This is another example of unintended consequences of well meaning legislation. This happens all too often with feel good politics.


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