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Supreme Court Rules Government Can Detain Convicted Immigrants Years After Release
by Axios
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  • Ritch
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    So, let me see if I have this straight. They committed a crime and went to jail or prison. Then after they get released, they get roam around free for who knows how long. Then the federal government finally finds them and detains them, presumably to deport them (after the appropriate hearings, of course). The biggest issue I have here is that whole roaming around free part. Unfortunately we have cities and states that won’t cooperate with immigration by letting them know when a CONVICTED CRIMINAL who is ILLEGALLY here is being released. Hence they get to roam around free until the feds finally can do something about it. Just because it’s been a while since you committed (name your felony), doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to worry about law enforcement eventually handcuffing you (statute of limitations not withstanding).

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