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Trump Vetoes Bill Rejecting His Border Emergency Order - Should Congress Respect the Veto?
by Countable
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  • Joe
    Voted No

    We’ve managed to exist here for over 500 years without a wall. It IS a President’s constitutional right to veto, but is it a good idea when BOTH the House and Senate have rejected it? All those in favor of this wall, remember that a National Emergency can’t be declared for the hell of it. There needs to be proof of an emergency. Fox & Friends saying there is ISN’T proof, it’s propaganda. When will the 30% of Americans who still support this idiot realize that their fire is being fueled by bigots, racists and a Pro-Trump propaganda machine? It’s time to end this “Emergency” and move on to the ACTUAL Emergency and that is the man who gets his political advice from a network being paid to support him rather than from intelligence briefings and factual data. It’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment or let Mueller do his job and finish his investigation WITHOUT obstruction from the GOP and then impeach him for his MANY crimes.


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