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Manafort, College Admissions Scandal – Does the U.S. Need to Invest More in Catching White-Collar Criminals?
by Countable
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  • Matt
    Voted Yes

    we are all aware of the duel justice for the rich and powerful,one for the rest of us. Manafort's sentencing exposes this clear as day.19-25 years magicly becomes just 4 years when your wealthy enough,but a 16 year old will be charged as an adult for a lesser petty crime,receive a heavy sentence and be placed in an adult prison...what do you think happens to them?! but because Manafort is ''old'' and used to a ''certain lifestyle'' he will not have to mix with general prison population,during his short example is the heir to the Dow empire who pled guilty to raping his 3 month old daughter and received no jail time,and a fine he could easily afford because ''rapists don't do well in prison''.i want to know who does?

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