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Manafort, College Admissions Scandal – Does the U.S. Need to Invest More in Catching White-Collar Criminals?
by Countable
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  • John
    Voted Yes

    Forget the "white-collar" crap...concentrate on the "crime" part...a crime is a crime!! Which of these two would you prefer happens--someone smacks you in the face and gets away with it or robs you of all your money and gets away with it? Well, guess what...the first is a crime of violence and the second is called "white-collar"--which damages you more? Yes, we have in this country some of the worst criminals in the world. They work for and own and control banks and bankers. And they have stolen more of our money (thanks also to many who called and call themselves our "representatives" but were simply co-conspirators) in the past 20+ years than all the bank robbers in all of history. Let's start with entities like the Fed, the Federal Reserve Bank. They are not "federal"...they are private and exist for the profit of their private shareholders. They exist not for the good of WeThePeople (though they hide under that lie), but to rob them for their own profit. And they have legally (thanks to our "representatives" once again) robbed and continue to rob us blind, and destroy the value of our currency. And then there are the rest of the Great "White Collar" Criminals--Thieves of our wealth--the supposedly TooBigToFail Banksters, starting with JPMorgan. And the list goes on from there. YES, indict and prosecute them all!! MAGA!

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