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Should the U.S. Tax Robots?
by Countable
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  • Mike
    Voted Yes

    We are in an era where things are being automated so quickly that it is likely to create a some dire situations for many of the most vulnerable people in our communities. That’s not to say companies shouldn’t be automating and working toward being more efficient. There are great things that come out of that (low prices, prosperous financial markets, efficient services, innovation, etc.) However, we need to be careful how we approach that from a tax and regulatory perspective, taking all stakeholders into account. The economies of the world will look very different in the coming decades. They always have I suppose. I feel that we likely need to implement something of a “new, New Deal” geared more heavily toward ensuring a true and prosperous middle class. Capitalism is what has created our prosperity and Capitalism needs to remain. But it needs to be tempered by the collective realization that if only a very few at the top reap all the reward while the rest toil away spinning their wheels, we will all ultimately lose. We cannot have a society where the rules are such that it promotes ideas of “I’ve got mine and to hell with the rest of you.” That’s not the type of society I want to live in anyway.


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