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Manafort, College Admissions Scandal – Does the U.S. Need to Invest More in Catching White-Collar Criminals?
by Countable
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  • Joseph
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    Unfortunately, throwing resources at crimes of opportunity and against integrity will just be a band aid on a gaping, hemorrhaging, gangrenous wound. The “system”, or “systems”, have been under attack for decades and what it will take to change the existing paradigm is often too overwhelming to contemplate. Money, wealth, and the delusional assumption of power & allowable actions money & wealth seems to permit has completely undermined the institutions this country once held dear and unassailable. Justice, political office, truth, education, religion, and many other institutions can be bought for a price now, and probably have been for a while. This downward spiral paradigm cheapens, corrupts, and dishonors many of the institutions this country once held vital, and possibly above all others. I shutter to think what catastrophe we will have to endure to see our institutions of integrity be reinstated. But then again, we are enduring several of them now with the current political environment, educational abuses, police abuses, journalistic abuses, political office and election abuses, global crises, environmental abuses...truly the list can go on & on. What will the outcome be as more & more abusers are getting caught? Will America return to the paradigm of truth above lying, hard work above shortcuts, integrity above dishonor, justice for all, all men are created equal, people above profits, freedom must equal responsibility? The most amazing truth of all is the decision & direction is up to us! At least that’s what this country was founded on over 240 years ago. We can no longer take anything for granted any more, and our participation can no longer be voluntary, it must now be compulsory. That, in part, is what Franklin meant when he stated we now have a Republic, as long as we keep it. And that takes action & public discourse every day. The road to Hell & all that it means is paved with good intentions. We need to divert from that path & that future NOW, or we will most certainly reap what we have sowed & create a future our children will damn us for.

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