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The FDA’s Formal Vaping Proposal Is Finally Here - Do You Support It?
by Axios
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  • burrkitty
    Voted Oppose

    SOLA DOSIS FACIT VENENUM! So here’s the thing about tobacco and marijuana and the comparison between nicotine and THC. Nicotine and THC are the “bad” drug part of the plant. The addictive part. The part that F’s up your brain. CBD is the is the “good” drug part of the marijuana plant, but there is no CBD equivalent in tobacco. Nicotine doesn’t have a good sister. But either way all this time we’ve been regulating these things wrong because we’re regulating the whole rather than the chemical which does the addictive damage. What needs to happen is nicotine, THC, and derivatives need to be regulated by percent content. Because 50 years ago marijuana was at its highest 1% THC content. What’s happening now with the legalization of marijuana in several states, what’s happened to tobacco in the past, and with the vaping now is the chemical concentrations and molecular configuration of the “bad drug” part of the delivery are made stronger. To increase the addiction quality... which increases and stabilizes the market… Which makes a lot of money for a very small subset of people. Big Marijuana (that’s real) is now following the same path that Big Tobacco took. They looked at the history and learned of their lesson, but the regulators haven’t. You can buy in some shops 99% pure THC. And these Vape and tobacco brands have chemically re-organized their nicotine so that it delivers a more massive dose. If you have ever smoked wild tobacco, it is a totally different experience from the stuff you buy at the gas station. And it’s the same with marijuana. The commercialization of those addictive chemicals has created a corporate profit motive for addiction causing these corporations to manipulate the percentage and delivery of the drug to the most addictive state. The purpose is to trap as many people and as much money as possible. What needs to be regulated is not plant, not the delivery mechanism, but the dose. The dose makes the poison. It’s a basic principle of toxicology. Regulate the dosage of the addictive chemical. That’s assuming you don’t have the balls to actually out right ban nicotine. Because there’s nothing good about smoking tobacco. There’s actually not much good about smoking anything, period. Smoke inhalation of any kind is bad for you, but at minimum CBD is also delivered with marijuana. Although with the other commercial products, it’s not even the most effective delivery anymore since CBD is fat soluble.

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