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The DC: 🤔 Are you politically prejudiced? and... Should Trump pardon Paul Manafort?
by Countable
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  • Chuck

    Yes I am and always will be prejudice against Communists because they destroy Freedom and Liberty to enslave the people under an oppressive big government like today’s Democrats have become! And YES President Trump should pardon Manafort because Mueller’s witch hunt to attack those connected to President Trump is shameful and slanderous the one that should be tried and thrown in prison is the evil Clinton crime family puppet Robert Mueller! Mueller and these DEMONcrats have attacked OUR President from day one of him taking office just because he beat that corrupt wicked witch Hillary Clinton who should be the one tried, convicted and thrown in prison with the Spy Gate, community agitating, Muslim Brotherhood terrorist Barack Obama and HIS Treasonous appears our country is gone hijacked by the leftist, Commie, mafioso scum!!!!

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