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Should the U.S. Tax Robots?
by Countable
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  • Brittney
    Voted Yes

    Taxing workers and not taxing their robotic replacements is subsidizing robotic labor. I know it’s confusing to some, and I wish I had a better way to explain it. Human workers and robotic workers perform the exact same tasks. The robot is cheaper for several reasons. There are the typical expected responses that are natural expectations like no need for sleep, they need maintenance but less frequently than humans rest, and they don’t need to be paid. However, there are other government-imposed factors. Robots provide a tax write off as their value depreciates. Employers pay no payroll taxes on robotic labor (even though they reduce funds to programs like social security by reducing the size of the workforce). There are no unemployment taxes on robotic labor (robots absolutely cause unemployment as they replace human workers). This absolutely needs to be addressed. Anyone that’s pro-worker needs to be pro-robot taxes that are equivalent to costs paid by employers to hire human workers. This money will go a long way toward helping social security and Medicare stay solvent.

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