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Do You Support Adding a Question About Citizenship to the 2020 Census? Deadline for Public Comment Is March 15
by Countable
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  • Joe

    I find it odd that so many of those who support adding this question believe that a U.S. census is JUST for Americans. If it were, they wouldn’t be trying to add the question. This is another GOP attempt to corral hard working people and deport them. When the cost if immigration is what the average Mexican earns in 2 years, it begs to question, “If they have enough income to save this much, why do they need to come here?”. The answer to the question is, “They wouldn’t.” ONLY those who are poor and desperate are coming. Those who are looking for an opportunity and willing to work for it. Why is this so hard to understand? If they want to come here and work hard, why are we making it so difficult for them? It’s easy to sit back and judge when you were fortunate enough to be born here. Many weren’t, yet we have MANY people in this Country living off of social programs that should be working instead. The lazy ass drains on society aren’t coming from other Countries. They’re already here. Let’s deport THEM instead.


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