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Trump to Ask Congress for $8.6 Billion in New Wall Funding as Part of 2020 Budget Proposal
by Axios
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  • Joe
    Voted Oppose

    To all of you idiots that believe all the Republican scare tactics, turn off Fox news. Yes, immigrants and refugees are coming into our Country. They are hardworking people and people fleeing dangerous situations. The LIE that drugs, killers, rapists are coming in these caravans are just that.....LIES. If Donald Trump and the Republicans were so opposed to human trafficking, they wouldn’t ALL be involved with the founder of the Florida “Day Spa” that was arrested in the sting involving Robert Kraft. I find it hypocritical that the GOP’s actions and words never seem to align. They say they’re conservative and need money for border security and infrastructure, yet they give the biggest tax break in our Country’s history to those who are already wealthy. $1.5 trillion would certainly come in handy right now, but instead they are proposing that the money come from military benefits and building projects, from Social Security and Medicare. It’s time for Congress to do what’s best for Americans. Doing what’s best for the 1% isn’t helping everyday Americans. Additionally, Trump’s tariffs have cost farmers billions and we’ve had to divert billions already to keep them afloat. His failed policies have cost us enough already. The experiment needs to end. It’s a failure. It’s time to let Democrats, who keep bailing out our economy from poor decisions by Republicans, to take the reins again and fix what he has broken. No wall money! Reverse the tax scam! Remove the tariffs! There’s a reason Trump’s businesses keep failing. It’s called “mismanagement”. America is NOT his business. We can’t afford for him to bankrupt us.

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