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This Week in Congress: Ending Trump’s Border Emergency & Calling for the Mueller Report to Be Public
by Countable
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    The Agenda in Congress appears to be 'Destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights.' We have Muslims holding seats who refuse to ASSIMILATE to our Laws and whose Agenda is to destroy and replace them with Sharia. This is UNconstitutional, they need to GO. They are allowed to CHANGE our laws even though a Minority! OUR GOP is falling down on the Job! The WALL is one of President Trump's rallying points, yet our "lawmakers" are pushing against him. THE PEOPLE voted to have a Wall built and to have our Immigration Laws tightened, yet you Allow the DemoCommies to push you! We Do NOT want amnesty, we Do NOT want Anchor Babies, We DO NOT want Chain Migration. YOU have the Power in Senate to Do what WE told we want you to do! GROW SPINES GUYS and Do what THE PEOPLE who Pay you Tell you to! Special Interests and Lobbyists seem to be who you think you work for. Wrong Answer! Your Seats will be filled by those who Will Support Our and Our President's Agenda. We have had a enough of this BS.

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