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This Week in Congress: Ending Trump’s Border Emergency & Calling for the Mueller Report to Be Public
by Countable
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  • John
    Voted Sad

    The House agenda, certainly not the Senate, is just another attempt by the dems to counterattack Trump. No other way to put it. How a party can continue to thwart the President’s attempt to control our borders is simply sad. We already have 20+ MILLION illegal immigrants here that cost this nation’s taxpayers $100+ BILLION every year! An investment in a $25 Billion dollar border security system to include a wall would go a long way toward ensuring that number doesn’t grow even larger. For anyone with 1/2 a business brain that is an incredibly smart investment. Yet the dems, in their continuing efforts to undermine Trump, continue to sell out the future of this country. Wake up dems! As always HOW will we pay for the next 20 million illegal immigrants when we already are 22 Trillion in debt? Tax more? What will you do when the top earners start leaving the US for other countries with lower taxes as many of the musicians from England did when they came to the US.

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