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U.S. Air Force Will Control the Space Force
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  • Josef
    Voted No

    Having a space force is probably the stupidest idea I have heard in a very long time. After World War II, the formation of the United States Air Force became another redundant portion of the Armed Forces. It was unnecessary to have an Air Force because the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, already had air wings. It just siphoned more tax dollars to the military industrial complex while tax payers footed the bill for another redundancy and waste of tax revenues. We don’t need another useless space force when we could just utilize our current NASA rockets and shuttles to augment our current Armed Forces. We should reduce the Air Force assets and reassign existing units into Army, Navy, or Marine Corps assets. We don’t need a separate Air Force and we definitely don’t need a Space Force. Donald Trump must have been doing some good drugs the day he came up with a Space Force. Perhaps we could put the entire Trump Administration on the next mission to Mars. That would make even better sense than a Space Force.

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