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‘Green New Deal’ Targets Fossil Fuels, CO2 Emissions: Where Are We Now?
by Countable
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  • Joe
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    While I support these ideas, I feel like it’s a lot to tackle in 1 bill. Firstly, getting automobile manufacturers to begin making cars with engines that can run on these renewable fuels will be difficult, not to mention the pushback from the oil industry. I doubt the GOP, who gets a lot of special interest money from these 2 alone, will be willing to vote for it. The coal industry should be our first step. Our reliance on coal is poisoning our water systems and killing coal workers. There’s no reason that the few coal jobs left can’t be educated to adapt to natural gas. This bill has great ideas, but this Country is still too hard-headed and greedy to adapt to these ideas. It should be broken down into steps and approached progressively so as to not completely inundate Americans. Healthcare and insurance reform should be our 2nd step. Hospitals, doctors, insurance and pharmaceutical companies must be regulated to get the cost of healthcare under control. Americans deserve good healthcare at affordable prices and hospitals, clinics and insurance companies that aren’t driving up prices, as well as pharmaceutical companies that aren’t price gouging those in need of medication. Our Country needs to get back to being ethical and empathetic. At the same time, our medical facilities and doctors shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant premiums to insurance companies due to frivolous lawsuits. Our judicial system has taken lawsuits to new levels. Life and health are precious, but at some point, you just can’t prevent “stupid” from happening. Spilling coffee in your lap is an accident. There should be no million dollar lawsuits because the cup didn’t say “hot”. If you don’t order iced coffee, you should EXPECT it to be hot. Let’s get back to reality. That includes being able to be told the truth by our news media AND President. Conspiracy theories and lies do nothing but divide our Nation. We used to be able to trust that information on the news. The news media us in such a hurry to report it that they don’t take the time to verify it. Propaganda “news” should be required to disclose openly that they are not reputable news sources. What kind of society can function when they base their lives on lies and rhetoric? Bring America back to SANITY. No more lies. We can handle the truth and we deserve to know it.


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