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WATCH & COMMENT LIVE: Ex-Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress
by Countable
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  • Joe
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    To those who feel that this hearing is a waste of time, keep in mind that the White House can refuse to publicize the findings of the Mueller report. I think it’s important for Americans to know the truth WITHOUT redaction from the powers that be. This criminal administration has repeatedly shown its willingness to falsify information. Rather than just blowing smoke up the asses of Americans, we should be enlightening them with the truth. Republicans should ALSO be demanding the truth. Instead, they are constantly trying to delegitimize and vilify those asking questions and those testifying. Why are they so afraid of the truth? Are MANY of them ALSO involved in this conspiracy? It’s time for the GOP Senate to let the investigation take place and quit obstructing.........for America’s sake. These politicians are OUR employees. Their background is OUR business. Their indiscretions MUST be known by their employers, the American public. Oddly, nobody who questioned Cohen from the GOP debated the legitimacy of his statements. Specifically, Rep. Jim Jordan attempted to bash Cohen when it’s Jordan eho us also under investigation. Are there any Republicans of character who can question Cohen? It doesn’t appear so.


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