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WATCH & COMMENT LIVE: Ex-Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress
by Countable
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  • Heidi
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    I believe Mr. Cohen is being truthful in his testimony. He is owning up to his part in all of this and is paying the price for his actions. At this point, why would he lie and jeopardize himself in facing more prison time if caught lying to Congress? Mr. Cohen worked for him for over a decade as his personal attorney and has provided the documentation to back up his assertions. Embarrassing to watch House Republicans fall all over themselves to attempt to discredit his testimony now that he is speaking truthfully about their association. Republicans came off as petty bullies, incapable of asking questions regarding the truth. Instead they totally ignore the evidence and their oaths of office as they look for ways to discredit Mr. Cohen who will be serving time for the crimes committed at Mr. Trump’s direction. It is so shameful the way Republicans are putting party before Unamerican.

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