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Former GOP Lawmakers Urge Congress to Block Trump’s Emergency Order - Should Congress Block It?
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  • Joe
    Voted Yes

    If Congress really thought this was an emergency, they would’ve voted on it in the past 2 years when they controlled all three branches of the government. Instead, they spent them paying off their wealthiest, most corrupt donors with a tax scam. Scare tactics only sway the opinions of the uneducated. Our Country has existed for hundreds of years without a border wall. The money should be spent on education and healthcare instead of steel. Especially given that no steel jobs have been created. Where will this steel come from, Russia? We are an empathetic Country. We should be using our resources to help immigrants who are seeking asylum. If we make it easier and more affordable to apply for citizenship, fewer immigrants would try to sneak in. If we accommodate those truly seeking asylum, we could limit the people who are sneaking over. Aside from that, the FACT that 2/3 of illegal immigrants overstay their VISA’s is the bigger issue. Why aren’t we spending more money on this? A wall is a waste. Change the rules of immigration.


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