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House Judiciary Committee Schedules Hearing on Trump’s Family Separation Policy
by Axios
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  • Gerardo
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    This administration absolutely needs to be held accountable for this horrible policy. For those saying Obama did the same thing. No he didn’t. It was rare and it wasn’t at the direction of DHS to punish asylum seekers. Punishing asylum seekers is the exact opposite of who we are. Or at least don’t call us a Christian nation if we’re going to punish those seeking help. Dems took the house. No more blank checks. Welcome to democracy. Unfortunately being in Florida my senate reps are Rubio and Scott. At best they’ll release statements but get in line with the MAGA agenda. They’ve shown they have no spine. Thankfully my house rep speaks up and doesn’t back down. Rep Castor is an amazing representative and I’m proud she represents this district.


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