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House Democrats to Introduce Bill on Friday to Block Trump’s National Emergency
by Axios
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  • Patricia
    Voted Yes

    I’ve read these comments and I am astounded at how ignorant people are. 1. The Senate does NOT contain the purse. 2. Prez Obama did not use an EO to put the ACA into place. The Democrats controlled the Senate, the House, and the Presidency as the GOP did from 2017-18. 3. A lot of Obama’s EOs were due to McCONnell telling all of the GOP during Obama’s 2nd term to just vote NO on everything Obama wanted. If the southern boarder is such an emergency, why didn’t the GOP pass it between 2017-18 when they had control of the Congress and the WH. Since Trump said “I really have to do it, I just wanted it done quickly” completely wipes out any legitimate argument for an Emergency Order. His proposal to take money from other Congressional approved spending is not appropriate. He should not have that kind of power. Trump thinks he can do anything he wants. In our form of government he should. I also think a lot of those who comment need to take a course in Constitional law and a civics course. What is happening to the education in this country?


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