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Is Sixteen Too Young to Vote?
by The Daily Dose
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  • Gerald
    Voted Yes

    The human brain doesn't finish developing until 25-27 years of age. The two last systems to fully come online are impulse control and the frontal cortex responsible for rational thought. As a professional educator with 3 bachelors degrees 2 masters degrees, over 300 graduate credits and 30 years if teaching teenagers few have the skills and education to make truly informed and rational choices even at 18. I may have thought I was an adult at 18 but I can be more honest in retrospect. Although I would have to agree with Stewart who said ”I love how adults on here feel like most of them make intelligence, rational decisions in the voting both! 50 million of you dummies voted for a man equal as stupid and/or racist as you are! Most adults can’t even be trusted to tie there own damn shoes right let alone be educated voters.”

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