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The DC: Investigating an 'attempted bureaucratic coup' at the FBI and... ⚖️ Do you support lawsuits against Trump's emergency order?
by Countable
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  • Barbara

    Yes. There is no National Emergency. If there were, why would Trump himself admit there isn't one. He just wanted to bypass Congress! UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!!! Trump has no authority to allocate money without Congress. He has been bleeding his own businesses dry and bankrupting them all of his business life. That's what he's doing here! Stop his from trying to undermine the authority of Congress. This is the reason we have three separate Branches of government. Just for giggles they are: Legislative, Judicial and Executive. None has unlimited power . The President isn't a King or a Dictator as much as he loves them. This is America. We have noKing orDictator. We have a person. Who supposedly leads us. Trump can't even leadhis own staff.

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