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What is Democratic Socialism? - And Do You Support It?
by Countable
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  • Barbara

    Tooluser it's sad that you don't even know what Democratic Socialism even is. Social Security is a perfect example of Democratic Socialism. I pay for mine. You pay for yours. Period. It comes out of your system Everytime ass FICA deduction. FICA: FEDERAL INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS ACT. Look it has nothing to do as a Communistic system. Our Police, Firefighters ( except our volunteers ) public roads, public schools, Libraries , all Democratic Socialist programs. Now tell me what is wrong with these things All Americans pay into thru taxes and all use. Tell me please what your problem is? Communism is Dead because it didn't work. Instead of worrying about a wall, how about worrying about our crumpling infrastructure and our homeless Veterans , and babies being held in cages while thousands of them are " lost"?. Smells like human trafficking g to me. If they are in fostercare?, Have all foster parents to report to child protective services and tell them who they foster, or no pay. Simple. If they are missing, ask Betsy DeVos where the babies being placed thru her" Christian Adoption Agency "for $50,000.00 each are from. Let's go us on real issues, not " Commies and "Commie socialists" under the bed !when you obviously don't even know what Democratic Socialism is. Stop being part of the problem ,name calling ,and be a part of the solution. Our government is full of criminals. Lets all try to work together with the real facts to fix this.


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