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What is Democratic Socialism? - And Do You Support It?
by Countable
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  • Tracy
    Voted No

    This is a tough one, because although I do believe our system has gotten way out of whack in favor of the wealthiest among us, I don’t think some of the programs DSA recommends are the answer either. We need to go back to training kids for a skill. The trades gave kids a real chance at having a good paying job. Not every kid wants to go to a 4 year college, only to end up making $13 an hour in a dead end job with thousands of dollars of debt. We need choices. It is my opinion that the ACA only went halfway. The problem is the cost-of drugs, doctor visits and unnecessary spending with our healthcare dollars. If you can afford healthcare l, you should pay for it yourself. You shouldn’t be getting Medicare or Social Security if you’re filthy rich. But we also have to fix the root causes. Big pharma is killing us with the cost of drugs and the amount of drugs on the market. They’re responsible for the opioid crisis, but none of them are in jail. This isn’t an easy fix and with the current political atmosphere, I don’t hold out much hope anything is going to change. We have to stop thinking of ourselves as D’s and R’s and start thinking of a way to get this country working for all of its citizens.

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