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Senate to Vote on Bill Protecting Infants Who Survive Attempted Abortions Next Week
by Countable
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  • Barbara
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    Let me first say Im pro choice. I am not promurder. A child born alive by abortion is a child. What is wrong with NewYork????? Have they lost their minds? If you can't decide in the first trimester, then you are too stupid toake the choice. Have the baby and put it up for adoption. No sane woman would willingly carry a baby for7 or so months and have an abortion. No doctor but butcher would even consider even doing one. If the baby is far enough to be viable, it deserves the same rights as normally born babies. Babies born from abortions the same as babies born. Period. I realize we have a President who places absolutely no value on any life but his own and Ivankas. Period. We seem to all of a sudden have accumulated a bunch of Nazis in high places. Trump had three that I know of and one is his top advisor How can we be a nation of Good people righteous people a respected people with a President who gets his advice from cretins like Steve Miller and Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, who wears a WW2 Nazi medal on his lapel. There are more. How as a Nation can we allow human extermination? This has nothing to do with Pro Choice. This is murder. Period.

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