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Should Saturday Night Live Be ‘Looked Into’ for Mocking Trump?
by Countable
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  • Mary
    Voted Yes

    I think to mock, or imitate in a way, that is insulting to anyone is wrong. To me, and many who believe this, is because we have been on the boot of cruel insults. Now we have made calling people names like retard, kikes, spooks, jikies, tojos or whatever, a bad thing to do; yet we accept a comedian doing it because it is supposed to be funny. Well funny is if you are there and accept the reasoning behind the supposed comedy of it. If someone was making a comedy statement behind my back I wouldn't like it one bit, would you? Now as a President being made fun of , even in a comical way is showing disrespect to our nation, as THE President STANDS for our Nation. How do you think other countries peoples look at our President when he is made to look bad with any kind of comedy routine? How will they respect someone who is put in that kind of situation? Come on people, if you can't back him as your president then wait til the next one is elected.

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