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"Can he do that?" Trump's emergency declaration freaks people out
by The Daily Dose
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  • Donna
    Voted No

    This is dangerous to our democratic republic and the basic tenets of the rule of law on which this nation was founded and has been governed for two centuries. The National Emergency Act being abused here was meant to give the Executive Branch the power to act swiftly in response to situations when the representatives elected BY THE PEOPLE of this country cannot. It should not be used to override decisions made by Congress with which the Executive does not agree. That is why there is the Presidential VETO. Congress speaks for the people (read Article 1 of the Constitution) and did so when a bipartisan group of legislators denied this man money to Build That Wall, which was supposed to be paid for by Mexico, based on the will of the general PUBLIC. This should not be a Dem thing or a GOP thing - it should be an American thing. You can support a President and STILL believe in the Constitution and the separation of powers. This Administration spent weeks trying to find loopholes in our laws to justify this move - that is NOT an emergency. During his declaration, the President said he 'didn't have to do this', proving this is NOT an emergency. DJT is not interested in keeping Americans safe from outside threats; he is interested in proving to a minority of Americans he is worthy of becoming the despot that killed democracy in the longest surviving democratic nation on the planet - that is the real emergency for anyone calling themselves Americans. I expect my elected representatives to respond accordingly and remind this man what the Constitution says and how the appropriation of MY tax dollars is supposed to work.

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