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BREAKING: Trump to Declare National Emergency to Fund Border Wall
by Countable
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  • Joe
    Voted Oppose

    I find it amusing that Trump supporters call liberals “socialist democrats” and then whine because they want us to pay for their wall. This precedent opens the door for a President to declare a “National Emergency” to fulfill a campaign promise. Emergencies aren’t planned! A flood is an emergency. A hurricane is an emergency. Emergencies don’t have to be debated. When only 20% of our Country agrees that it’s needed, it’s highly improbable that it’s an emergency. This is nothing more than Trump trying to fulfill a promise that he made to an uneducated base. If this were such an emergency, why wasn’t it addressed when Republicans controlled all 3 branches of the government? It seems that pissing away $1.5 trillion in a payoff to Trump’s wealthiest cronies was more important to the GOP. What’s to keep the next President from declaring an emergency on healthcare or gun control or voting rights? If this makes it past our now biased court system, it will come back to bite Republicans in the ass.


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