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U.S. Air Force Will Control the Space Force
by Countable
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  • Barbara
    Voted No

    We already have a little thing that put a Man on the moon. Its called NASA. More stupid Ego trips for the unqualified misfit in the White House! This is nonsense as anyone who understands how the branches of service already have this all covered. More nonsense. What do you think Astronauts do? President John F Kennedy got NASA really going. I know several Astronauts and this is an insult to them. Ask Jim Lovell and the rest what they think of this silliness. What ? Spend more money for new LoGo , uniforms and other shiny things? The NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION has done exciting, outstanding work for years , from White Sands Missile Range, to Houston Space , and Cape Canaveral What in the heck is wrong with people?????? Wasted money on childlike name and silliness. .

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