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Butterfly Sanctuary Wants Restraining Order to Block Border Wall
by Countable
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  • Leslie
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    This is what’s wrong with the slash and burn approach to winning political points. Who cares about pretty, little, insignificant butterflies? They’re pollinators. They’re a much bigger deal than their size would have you think. It may seem trifling, but it’s not that this habitat is being bulldozed. So much that kinits together the homeostasis of our environment is interwoven with the important activities of so many small creatures. We’re being encouraged to build gardens in our backyards to support bees and butterflies to ensure that vital crops are the beneficiaries of the pollination activities of those creatures. But Trump’s “policy” to build his wall no matter what the costs are is disrupting sensible support of vital habitats. This is more hysterical demonization of immigrants to score points and fulfill a hateful campaign promise. Stupid.

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