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Scoop: Republicans Launch New Group to Lobby Congress on NAFTA Replacement
by Axios
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  • Debra
    Voted Oppose

    It’s a mystery to me, the whole “libtard” “repug” thing. I do not get “Democrats are “Nazi Socialists” and Republicans are”Christo-Nazis.” We are all Americans. We all care about border security. We all are wary (with good reason) of Russians, North Koreans, Iraq. None of us like terrorists. I love fiscal responsibility as much as the next person. I want everyone to have healthcare and places to live. We all love our children and don’t wish for them to be riddled with bullets while they’re studying in school. We all want better government. I have conservative friends and liberal friends, ultra-Christian friends and atheist friends, gay friends and straight friends, and of course black, white, yellow and red friends. I love the media - worked in it for 20 years. I understand more than most about it. Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant.

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