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"The Green New Deal" Matters - For Reasons You May Not Have Considered
by The Daily Dose
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  • Therese

    The New Green Deal is a proposal not a bill. Looking at it that way I wonder: is working toward a clean, healthy environment necessary, does global warming need to be addressed immediately, do people who are economically displaced need training and opportunity for new jobs, and might those new jobs be ones that help clean up the environment? My answer is definitely yes, but the question that follows is how can we afford it? But then, how can we not? How can we not fund these efforts given the enormous costs we will face , are already facing, by not addressing the problem. There are no easy answers, but I think it is good that we are starting to ask the questions out in the open on a national level because for too long people on Capitol Hill have kept silent on something we can't afford to ignore.


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