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The DC: 🌿 Green New Deal, and... Do you 'want the truth' on Trump's tax returns?
by Countable
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  • Cosmo

    Why? What has a persons Income Tax have to do with leadership. Everyone examining a Tax Return will have an opinion. It sounds like the Democrats is searching for, what they consider opportunities to challenge the President in 2020. Why? Currently the Democrats have very little or nothing to use as a 2020 platform. Most Democrats who have announced their candidacy have little to none Business Experience. They only know how to raise taxes to promote pie in the sky objectives. Remember Obama said it couldn’t be done. We will never manufacture again. Ha Ha. Most of the Democrats are like Pocahontas, lied for 36 years got a non interest mortgage and a $350000 job at Harvard. She knows how to work the system. She will offer nothing to improve our society. She will help you get a scholarship. Just put down on the University application your a Eskimo.


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