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Shutdown Countdown: 5 Days – Trump Lashes Out at Dems for ‘Brand New Demand’ in Border Security Talks
by Countable
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  • Jesse
    Voted No

    Let’s get our government open and running first. We are just barley out of the longest government shutdown in the history of our republic. Need I say more? Let’s have a functional government and not let it be held hostage for any parties political motivations. Surely after our government is fully open we can get solve the matter of border security more fully in a way that the majority of Americans will deem satisfactory. To many Americans have had to be hurt and dragged under the bus for this current route to be any kind of solution to a problem. I say this as someone who works in the private sector. I am not a federal employee and never have been, but American families have been hurt by this and that in my opinion should never have had to happen.

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