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Top 10 Policy Fights that EDF Is Watching In 2019
by Environmental Defense Fund
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  • SneakyPete

    The Environmental Defense Fund Comes Out For Climate Control Again. We’re seeing, as expected, the Environmental Defense Fund comes out supporting the Democratic Party Climate Control agenda. 1. Wheeler confirmation hearing is imminent. (75%(+/-12%) - (Probable) Will the Senate endorse Wheeler’s continuing attacks on environmental safeguards, or challenge the nominee? 2. The new Congress tackles climate discussions in Washington are heating up. (30%(+/-10%) - (Probably Not) However, it’s very doubtful, in my option regardless on how hard that they attempt, will the new majority in the House of Representatives develop new climate legislation, prior to the 2020 Presidential election. 3. Mercury and air toxics rule could be undone. 75%(+/-12%) - (Probable) I suspect that the EPA move ahead with this dangerous move,in spite of industry and bipartisan support for the protections? 4. States push forward on climate change. (50%(+/-10%) - (Chance/Even) Across the country, red and blue states have been stepping up to deal with climate change. Will there be surprises? Which governors take the lead on climate action, and how will the Trump administration react? 5. Methane pollution rules remain in jeopardy. 30%(+/-10%). It’s my opinion that Wheeler will not finalize this unpopular weakening othe Methane pollution rules and will not move forward with an even more severe attempt to gut regulations of this dangerous climate pollutant 6. Clean car standards face uncertain future. 75%(+/-12%) - (Probable) I’m in agreement with the Trump administration proposal to roll back clean car standards – a step that would massively increase climate pollution and cost Americans hard-earned money at the gas pump. I’m also of the opinion, based on Democratic opposition, that the administration will not finalize this oil industry-backed rollback in 2019? 7. Push to censor science may reappear. 30%(+/-10%) - (Probably Not) Wheeler may revive a widely discredited attempt to limit how much science the EPA can use when assessing environmental safeguards that are key to protecting human health. The effects of his action could include looser restrictions on air pollution and deadly chemicals in our drinking water, wood products, and paint and paint strippers. 8. Toxic chemicals continue to hit the market. 75%(+/-12%) - (Probable) I’m in strong opposition to Industry lobbyists and conflicted political appointees controlling the EPA spent much of 2018 diligently working to undermine our new chemical safety law, and to keep toxic chemicals in use. In 2019 there will be even more such chemicals allowed onto the market without adequate review, along with new attacks against the reformed Toxic Substances Control Act. 9. New lead rule coming down the pipe. 30%(+/-10%) - (Probably Not) The Trump administration released a deeply disappointing federal “Lead Action Plan.” As the administration touts its efforts to tackle lead exposure, I’m of the opinion that Wheeler will not follow through with his promise to release the long-delayed revision of the Lead & Copper Rule this spring and new lead dust standards in June. 10. The 2020 campaign trail heats up. 100% - CERTAIN Last but certainly not least, the 2020 campaign is heating up with biased  polling showing that climate change is becoming a priority for more voters. There will most certainly be most Democratic presidential candidates making climate change central to their platforms. As such, as we see here in the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) dissertation, the environmentalist agenda is to advise all to take the action in contacting lawmakers, and let them know which of the above environmental policy battles which is or is not most important to you. It’s their (EDF) fervent desire to be using, along with the Democrats, in using the political “Climate Issue’’ to bring renewed hope for Democrats to regain hold of the White House and Congress. The EDF and Democrats are, as we seen in past elections, using their “Scare Tactics” to get folks to sadly vote in the Democratic sides of the ballot. SneakyPete.......... 🤔🙅‍♂️🙅🏼‍♀️🤔. 2*10*19..........

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